Hot products used in new home construction 5/12/17

Hot products used in new home construction

If you have a new home construction project, you should consider buying some of the hottest products in the market. Your custom home builder should be able to advise you on the exact building products you need for a trendy home. Here are some of the hottest products you can use in new home construction:

With this kind of paint, you don’t need chemicals to kill deadly organisms. After all, this paint is made with the ability to clear over 99 percent of harmful organisms. This paint is already EPA-registered and can fight off E-coli and other harmful organisms. You can use this as part of your building products to make your home germ-proof.

Are you looking for ways to save time installing doors or hanging windows in your new home construction project? Well, Winbag is the tool your custom home builder should be using. This tool makes the work that goes into hanging windows and leveling doors so easy. This inflatable shim has the ability to fill gaps of between 3/32 to 2 inches. This is one of the building products that should help you level windows and install doors without a surface scratch. There is no longer the need to struggle with numerous wood shims. A slight pumping exercise should be able to inflate it and get your new home construction project going. Check it out here.

Your custom home builder should install this touchscreen lock to help you stop smudge attacks.Unlike other types of touchscreen locks, the technology used here doesn’t allow for any kind of smudge attacks. Typically, touchscreen passcodes can easily be read from the oily residue left behind by fingers on the touchscreen. This lock comes with a KwiksetSmartCode 915 that prompts users to touch two random numbers before the keypad is displayed. This masks the correct access code by encouraging continuous use of the full screen. Now works with Amazon Alexa. More info. 

Building products have never been as revolutionary as this. Here, you get the joy of music combined with the functional abilities of a bathroom fan. You can stream music from your mobile device via Bluetooth and enjoy relaxing baths in your new home construction project. You don’t have to worry about space as your custom home builder will make this Bluetooth speaker part of the ceiling. It will take a keen eye to notice it there. View product.

There is no reason why you should give bears a free reign in your home. With this glass door, your custom home builder should help you get a great view while keeping away bears. You will find them in lengths of up to 38 feet. Reinforced structural posts combine with impact-rated laminated glass panels to resist the bear’s ability to push it in. With these building products, you can rest assured with the knowledge that your home is bear-proof – literally.

Clearly, there are many hot products you might consider using on your new home construction project. Talk to your custom home builder for the best building products trending in the market today.

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