What you need to know about Composite Decking

What you need to know about Composite Decking.


We asked our friend Laura over at Cali Bamboo  (a company based in California that makes high quality composite deck boards) some common questions that you or your customers may have.


Composite products are becoming the go to solution for homebuyers looking to expand their living space outdoors. Companies boast composite materials and their durability, beautiful colors, and ease of installation. We asked Laura to answer some questions that you will undoubtedly have.



  • What makes composite boards last longer than regular lumber?


The mix of wood/bamboo fibers with recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic yields a material that is stronger and better protected against moisture, insects, rot, and chemicals. Pure wood doesn’t have this extra fortified composition. Also, unlike wood, the composite does not require frequent refinishing and sealing. A Cali Bamboo composite deck will be further protected by a ProFormance360™ wrap shield.”



  • Where do you get your materials to make the boards?


Cali Bamboo produces a number of different kinds of composite decking, but all are made of 100% recycled materials. Our BamDeck series combines bamboo fibers left over from our bamboo flooring production process with recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastics. These plastics are extra sturdy and had former lives as containers like laundry detergent and milk cartons. Our other composite decks incorporate reclaimed wood fibers from local cabinet shops.”



  • Does composite decking cause less of an environmental impact than lumber?


Yes. The types of trees used for decking are frequently very dense hardwoods, often from old-growth forests. When they’re cut down the tree dies, the surrounding environment is left damaged, and wildlife habitat is lost. New trees then take 30-50 years to reach their full mass. Alternatively, our composite decking uses only reclaimed and recycled materials, so no trees are cut down. Also, bamboo can be continually reharvested for building materials like flooring and fencing every 3-7 years without harming the plant or surrounding habitat.”



  • Is installation easier than lumber?


There is a wide variety of composite decking out there with a range of styles and quality levels. Speaking specifically to a Cali Bamboo composite deck, due to its extra wide plank options, groove milling and hidden clip fastening system, they tend to be easier to install and customize than a deck made out of traditional lumber.”



  • Do you believe that demand for composite decking products will continue to grow?


Yes. This is a growing industry, and as more people seek out products that are lower-maintenance, easier to install, and more environmentally-friendly we’re seeing demand rise.”


There is much to learn about this new material. One thing is for certain, composite decks are going to be the golden standard. If you learn more about them now, you will be one step ahead of your competition.


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