Living on Your Deck

Since a lot of the homes you work on are beach homes, many clients have money for above and beyond additions. It’s a good idea to go back to past customers and send them information about building outdoor kitchens. Here is a good introductory sales pitch to get them to start thinking about outdoor living spaces:

One emerging trend in the marketplace has been outdoor kitchens and dining areas. If you’re looking to add some life and atmosphere to your patio, porch or lawn then this is the perfect idea for you. With a variety of styles, appliances and options there is something for everyone.  Fully functional selections like refrigerators, flat screen TV’s, audio systems, and islands are available to spice up your space. The centerpiece of a good outdoor kitchen should be the perfect grill. Look for built in range options or freestanding grills that can hold up to the wear and tear of outdoor living. Another important factor is storage space that is both weather-resistant and roomy enough to hold larger items for parties and entertaining. An alternative fun idea for when you have guests is to have a seated bar on the opposite side of your cooking space to encourage the open flow of conversation and to keep food preparation in motion for hungry visitors. Don’t forget those unexpected summer rainstorms! Prepare for storms or light drizzles by adding a retractable waterproof awning above your work space.

You can also advise them on different materials that make maintenance simple and easy for them:

When you’re talking material for your appliances, one of the best options for outdoors is stainless steel, which is beneficial because it is easy to maintain and to keep clean in a relatively uncontrolled environment. A good working material for a kitchen in this setting is stone for counter tops and islands, both which can be lit by suspended lighting from wood columns above your cooking space. Check out our website for more building and design ideas of all types.


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