6 Practices for an Efficient Home

What makes a new home more efficient?      Every individual looks for a house that is efficient enough for their family. People are much more conscious of the environment now than they used to be. You should be using building materials in the construction of a house that contributes to its energy efficiency. Home … Continue reading 6 Practices for an Efficient Home

What you need to know about Composite Decking

Composite products are becoming the go to solution for homebuyers looking to expand their living space outdoors. Companies boast composite materials and their durability, beautiful colors, and ease of installation. We asked Laura to answer some questions that you will undoubtedly have.

Living on Your Deck

Since a lot of the homes you work on are beach homes, many clients have money for above and beyond additions. It’s a good idea to go back to past customers and send them information about building outdoor kitchens. Here is a good introductory sales pitch to get them to start thinking about outdoor living … Continue reading Living on Your Deck

House wrap in tropical climates

If you are building homes in ocean climate regions then moisture control is a major issue that you need to take into consideration. The house wrap that you choose needs to be made to direct water away from the home. The most popular product is actually not ideal for high moisture applications. By not taking … Continue reading House wrap in tropical climates

Start Building Composite Decks

     As we begin to enter the summer, everyone is going to want to be outside enjoying the weather. Composite decking is beginning to become the better choice over lumber. In the past couple of years, deck building has become more popular. More people are purchasing smaller houses and expanding their living space outdoors. For … Continue reading Start Building Composite Decks