House wrap in tropical climates

If you are building homes in ocean climate regions then moisture control is a major issue that you need to take into consideration. The house wrap that you choose needs to be made to direct water away from the home. The most popular product is actually not ideal for high moisture applications. By not taking preventative measures, the moisture could be detrimental to the building. There are various ways to make sure that you don’t run into any issues.

There are many house wraps on the market that provide protection against moisture. Most of us are used to using the standard Tyvek, but it’s really not a very good wrap. The material in Tyvek was originally made for shipping packaging. Then they realized that It could also be used as a house wrap product so they started marketing it that way. Now it’s the most used house wrap out there.

Since Tyveks’ original house wrap, different higher quality wraps have joined the market. Typar, yes the company name is that similar on purpose, is one of the best wraps for high moisture environments. The Typar drainable wrap has embossed bumps that create a path for water to follow. This stops the water from sitting behind the siding or on top of the plywood. It prevents mold and decay from forming. Benjamin Obdyke has an excellent product that has as similar effect as Typar. Their Hydrograp product works the same way, although it’s slightly higher quality and a bit more expensive.

Both Typar and Obdyke have accessory products that go with their house wraps. They sell various types of window flashings, anti moisture tape, caulks, and glues to ensure moisture prevention in even the wettest climates.

The last thing that you want to do is spend so much time and money building a new house, then 3 years later have unhappy clients calling complaining of mold and decay. Technology moves forward very quickly, even in the building industry. Many contractors get set in their old ways of doing things while the contractors that are willing to move with the times are blowing past them. You should always keep yourself up to date with new products. Better alternatives are constantly coming out. It could save you a lot of money and headaches.


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