Start Building Composite Decks

     As we begin to enter the summer, everyone is going to want to be outside enjoying the weather. Composite decking is beginning to become the better choice over lumber. In the past couple of years, deck building has become more popular. More people are purchasing smaller houses and expanding their living space outdoors. For builders, this means that you will be able to capitalize on the decking market. Fortunately, deck building has become easier with new technologies used in composite boards. There are many ways to convince your client to purchase composite boards over lumber. Now let’s explore the benefits of adding deck building to your portfolio.

     According to an AIA Home Design Trends Survey, 69% of architecture companies reported increases in activity related to outdoor living construction. The trend is due to families purchasing smaller homes in more densely populated areas. They expand outdoors to accommodate for guests.

     Any contractor can start installing decks. With recent advances in composite decking technology, it’s ‘now easy to install them. Many of the top brands offer boards that don’t need to be face nailed or screwed. The boards have a groove down the length of them, then clips are placed into the grooves to hold the boards in place. After installation, you can clean the deck off with soap and water. Since the boards have the wood grain graphic printed on them, there is no need to stain them.

     Composite decks are much cooler in the hot sun then regular lumber. This will vary by color and manufacturer. You can tell clients that they can walk on their decks barefoot without burning their feet. Composite decks are also a breeze to clean. Most brands are stain resistant and only require cleaning with soap and water.

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